The Process

Processing tasks in the modern industrial plant located in the Industrial Zone II of Paita meet the requirements of the BRC and BASC accreditations. Also, throughout the process, HACCP standards are applied. This way, the products offered by DEXIM represent a guarantee of quality and safety.

The freezing capacity of the DEXIM industrial plant is 80 MT/day. It has cold storage chambers at -25°C (-13°F) for 700 MT of finished product and it is equipped with a modern design that distributes the processing of our products in three stages and independent areas:

1. Fillet and gutting area,

2. washing, sorting and packaging area, and

3. freezing and packing area.

In addition to the industrial qualities of our plant, the fact that DEXIM staff has more than 20 years of work experience in the company, gives it solid reliability, efficiency and seriousness.