(Engraulis ringens)


Whole, HG, HGT, in blocks and Interleaved.

(loligo gahi)


Frozen Whole, Fillets, tubes and Tentacles.

(Argopecten purpuratus)


Roe On, Roe off, in blocks and IQF.

(Penaeus californiensis y otros)


Shell on, shell off and More ...

(Coriphaena hippurus)


Skinless, fatless, Vacuum Portions, HGT and More ...

(Merluccius gayi)

Fillets, Skin on / skinless, in blocks or Interleaved, IQF. Fish blocks, Bits and Pieces.
(Dosidicus gigas)


Frozen Raw fillets, Boiled Fillets, Pieces from fillets, Raw and Boiled wings, Tentacles and More.

In general al the variety from the Grau’s Sea.