DEXIM is a producer of Frozen sea products exported from Peru to the world.
We offer a variety of frozen fish products of high quality.

DEXIM has extensive ground a few meters from the loading dock, which meets all the design requirements for an appropriate process. The modern furniture, precision equipment and water treatment are led by highly qualified staff since 1996 applied the HACCP Plan, monitoring every step of the production process.

Where are we?

We are located in the port of Paita in Peru.

This place is the main fishing port in Peru for human consumption, because in this part of the coast is always the cold Humboldt current that comes from the south of the continent with the Child warm current from the north.

The confluence of these two major ocean currents allows the waters of this coast are a great diversity of marine species, being the natural habitat of the hake (Merluccius gayi) and Giant Squid and various other marine species.
Overall catches made near the port of discharge, thereby ensuring excellent quality in freshness.